First choice when it comes to water purification

SELUTOR – the first choice for grinding-water purification and efficient sludge dewatering through vacuum belt filter.

Your business is glass and ceramics?
In that case, lots of abraded particles accumulate in the water. But they don’t have to stay there.

Welcome Dear Visitor,
In the background, air is bubbling through what’s most natural in our lives: water! But water not only serves as an elixir of life. It is also used in the production of innumerable products such as glass and ceramics where it serves as a coolant and lubricant. Minute glass particles find their way into the precious water. And they need a way to get out. Out of the closed or half-closed cycle. And as completely as possible. SELUTOR has been doing this since 1994.

Just as long, our customers have been practicing water purification with crystal-clear results: reasonably and responsibly. And on top of everything, economically!

Questions arise? Certainly. So, we raise them at all navigation points and answer  them in our pdf or printed brochure (see CONTACT).

– What is the emerging trend in water use?
– How far does our experience in water purification reach, seen geographically?
– Which plant sizes do we serve?
– Do we only offer off-the rack solutions?

Water Cleaning

If you want to free your process water from glass-grinding dust a little,
how do you like a verified 95-100%?

Certainly even better than we do!

– Why do contaminants impair the machine operation in water?
– In which cases does normal filtration fail and also cleaning by means of centrifugal forces?
– Why does a particle size which measures less than 5 micrometers not represent any “magical” limit for us?
– What does optimal grinding-water purification look like?
– What does the SELUTOR laboratory focus on when selecting the suitable flocculation means?
– Which substances do we avoid quite consciously so that your processing machines are protected?


Cleaning Concepts

Why 4 cleaning concepts are better than one? Because one of them does justice to your processing situation.


– What is the main feature of the “all-in-one” system?
– Due to what does the central cleaning and supply system for machine groups stand out?
– How does the central cleaning and supply system work as a pendulum system?
– Can a central cleaning and supply system for several machines and all machining lines actually achieve a cleaning capacity of up to 100%?


Sludge Dewatering

Is sludge dewatering a necessary evil? Necessary, yes. But really comfortable to operate.


1st variant: our gravity filter
– How different from our belt filter is our big bag trolley?
– What role does gravity play?


2nd variant: the SELUTOR vacuum filter
– Can the vacuum filter improve the dewatering results?
– Do vacuum pumps achieve an optimal drying degree of the thin sludge?
– In which condition is the filter cake discharged?

Water Management

Your continuous production requires a continuous water flow? The SELUTOR experts are keen to help.


– Why does water distribution play such an important role for the machines?
– Why do you find our “interference” in your production processes pleasant?
– Can our advice be multi-dimensional?
– Which aspects of the processing of glass and ceramics deserve special attention with regard to the water supply?
– How does solid matter measuring improve the cleaning process with SELUTOR RATIOFLOCK?


When does this clear water perspective become reality in your business? As soon as you know the answers to these final questions.


– Water consumption? Service life of the possibly used cooling additive?
– Energy requirement of the SELUTOR facilities?
– Handling and maintenance input?
– Effectiveness of the water purification in the cycle?
– Will your production processes and product results be affected?
– Effects on your production speed?
– Effects on your processing machines (power consumption)?
– Effects on your valuable tools (service life)?
– Prolongation of service life of your processing machines?


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